Uxmal, Mexico

Uxmal, Mexico

Uxmal is an ancient Mayan city located 38 miles south of Merida, the capital city of the state of Yucatan, Mexico. A UNESCO Werelderfgoed, it contains one of the most important archeological sites of the Mayans, including the Pyramid of the Magician and the House of the Doves. It is a popular tourist destination with hotels and a museum within walking distance to the site.

San Francisco de Campeche

Campeche, Mexico

Klaar voor Pirates!

San Francisco de Campeche, ook bekend als gewoon “Campeche” is gelegen in de staat Campeche, Mexico, aan de baai van Campeche van de Golf van Mexico. Campeche dient als de hoofdstad van de staat van Campeche en heeft een bevolking van meer dan 200,000 mensen. The city has earned the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its preservation and the quality of the architecture. De stad heeft het grootste deel van de muur vestingwerken gebouwd behouden om het te verdedigen tegen de piraten van het Caribisch gebied.


Calakmul, Mexico

Calakmul, Mexico

Calakmul is located in the state of Campeche in southeastern Mexico about 22 miles north of the Guatamalan border. It is a Maya archeological site discovered deep in the jungles of the Peten Basin region. The name was given the site by its discoverer, Cyrus L. Lundell, and meansCity of the Two Adjacent Pyramids.”er zijn 6,750 ancient structures the largest is the great pyramid and the second pyramid is also one of the tallest of the Maya pyramids.

Oaxaca Stad

Oaxaca City, Mexico

Oaxaca Stad, Mexico

Oaxaca Stad, also known as Oaxaca de Juarez, is the largest city and capital of the Mexican staat Oaxaca. It is located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains from the base of the Cerro del Fortin to the banks of the Atoyac River. Oaxaca is a tourist town, featuring colonial-era buildings built with the native green stone and archeological sites such as Monte Alban, named a Werelderfgoed in 1987.

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