San Francisco de Campeche

Campeche, Mexico

Ready for Pirates!

San Francisco de Campeche, also known as just “カンペチェ” is located in the state of Campeche, メキシコ, on the Bay of Campeche of the Gulf of メキシコ. Campeche serves as the Capital of the state of Campeche and has a population of over 200,000 people. The city has earned the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its preservation and the quality of the architecture. The city has retained most of the wall fortifications built to defend it from the pirates of the Carribbean.


Calakmul, Mexico

Calakmulの, メキシコ

Calakmulの is located in the state of Campeche in southeastern Mexico about 22 マイル北Guatamalanボーダーの. それはペテン盆地地域のジャングルの奥深くに発見されたマヤ遺跡であります. 名前は、その発見してサイトを与えられました, サイラスL. ランデル, 手段 “隣接する二つのピラミッドの市。”がある 6,750 最大の古代の構造はピラミッドであり、第二ピラミッドもマヤのピラミッドの最も高いの一つであります.


Oaxaca City, Mexico

オアハカ市, メキシコ

オアハカ市, also known as Oaxaca de Juarez, メキシコの最大の都市と首都です オアハカの状態. これはAtoyac川のほとりにセロ·デル·フォルタンのベースからシエラマドレ山脈の麓に位置しています. Oaxaca is a tourist town, ネイティブ緑の石や遺跡などで構築された特徴と植民地時代の建物 モンテアルバン, 命名 世界遺産 で 1987.

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Tlacotalpan, Mexico

Colorful Tlacotalpan, メキシコ

Tlacotalpan is located in the eastern coastal region of the ベラクルスの状態, メキシコ. Tlacotalpan is a World Heritage Site, chosen in 1998 because of the architecture which reflects the fusion of Spanish and Caribbean in its wide streets, houses in many colors, and beautiful old trees in both public and private spaces. The name is from the language Najuatl and it meansplace between two rivers.

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Cathedral in Puebla City, Mexico

Cathedral in Puebla City, メキシコ

Puebla City is located southeast of メキシコ City in the state of Puebla, メキシコ. It is the fourth largest city in Mexico and is an industrial hub and a World Heritage Site because of its history and architectural styles. The most notable attractions are the Zocalo, a tree-filled plaza with many sculptures, surrounded by the City Hall, Casa de los Munecos and the Catherdral. Nearby is El Parian an arts and crafts market. The best known mole is named for this city, Mole Poblano. And every year on the fifth of May Puebla celebrates the defeat of the French in 1862. This holiday is also celebrated in the U.S. but is not widely observed in the rest of Mexico.

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オリサバ is located 20 miles from コルドバ, その姉妹都市, で ベラクルスの状態, メキシコ. Its name comes from the Nahuatl language meaningvalley of happy waters.One of the notable sites of the city is El Palacio de Hierro (The Iron Palace). Designed by Eiffel and built with 600 tons of steel it is now longer used as the city hall but is a tourist attraction. Other tourist attractions include the Church of La Concordia and the State Art Museum.

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El Tajín, Mexico

エル・タヒン, メキシコ

エルタヒン パパントラの自治体に位置しています, 港町ベラクルスの北西, ベラクルスの状態で, メキシコ. エルタヒン was named a World Heritage Site in 1992 理由は、その建築と文化の重要性. その古代のモニュメントの中でニッチの有名なピラミッドであります, アロヨグループ, 南北Ballcourtsとタヒンチコの宮殿. これは、ベラクルスの中で最も重要な遺跡や観光名所となっています, 名前 エルタヒン 雷や稲妻を意味し、雷雨の12の神々は、遺跡に生息.

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Cholula, Mexico

Cholula, メキシコ

Cholula is a pre-columbian Mesoameican site dating back to the second century BC. It is located just west of Puebla City, Its great pyramid is the largest pyramid in the Americas and the largest pyramid by volume in the world.

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Mission in Tilaco, Mexico

Mission in Tilaco, メキシコ

Tilaco is one site of the Sierra Gorda Missions located in the central Mexican state of Queretaro. これは、フランシスコ宣教Juniperoシエラ年頃によって造られました 1750 そのカラフルなファサードや石造物のために注目されます. They were named a World Heritage Site by ユネスコ で 2003.

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Teotihuacan Ruins, Mexico

テオティワカン遺跡, メキシコ

Teotihuacan Ruins are located 30 miles northeast of Mexico City, in what is now the San Juan Teotihuacan municipality in the state of Mexico. The site is known for having the most architecturally significant pyramids built in Pre-Columbian Americas. Also of interest are the anthropologically significant residential compounds, the Avenue of the Dead and beautifully preserved murals. 名前 “Teotihuacanis an Aztec phrase meaningplace where gods were born.

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