Cuzama Celestun

Beach at Celestun, Mexico

Beach at Celestun, 墨西哥

Cuzama Celestun is a town located in the northwest corner of Yucatan State, 墨西哥, on the Gulf of Mexico coast. The town is part of Celestun Biosphere Reserve which is a wetland reserve that is the migratory home for flocks of flamingos, herons and more than 200 other bird species that pass through or reside permanently there. It is also refuge for endangered sea turtle hatchlings. Celestun is popular for its beaches and abundant wildlife.

Sierra de San Pedro Martir

Sierrade San Pedro Martir

Sierra de San Pedro Martir, 墨西哥

Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park is located on the northern part of the Cordillera Baja California Mountain Range called the Sierra de San Pedro Martir. The park is located in 南下加利福尼亚州, 墨西哥. It protects one of the few pine tree forests on the Baja California Peninsula. The park also protects habitats for the Bighorn Sheep as well as the California Condor. 墨西哥’s largest optical telescope is located at the National Astronomical Observatory on the nearby peak of Cerro del la Cupula.

Los Tuxtlas

LosTuxtlas, Mexico

LosTuxtlas Biosphere Reserve, 墨西哥

Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve is located in the Sierra de los Tuxtlas mountain range on the southeastern coast of Veracruz, 墨西哥. The Sierra de los Tuxtlas contains volcanos mostly extinct but the San Martin Tuxtla erupted as recently as 1793. Hundreds of cinder cones can be found throughout the Sierra.

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El Chico National Park

El Chico National Park Hildago, 墨西哥

El Chico National Park is located about 6 miles northeast of Pachuca, Hidalgo, 墨西哥. It was Mexico’s first national forest reserve, declared in 1898. The park is full of oak, pine and juniper offering a great area for hiking. The town of El Chico is known for its delicious pecans and quesadillas.

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El Cielo National Park


El Cielo, 韦拉克鲁斯

El Cielo National Park is the protected part of the ecoregion known as Veracruz moist forests. It is located in southern Tamaulipas, Mexico in a tropical broadleaf forest.