Committed to Responsible Tourism

Committed to Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism means everybody takes responsibility for their role in ensuring sustainability.

This means you have a role too.

By following a simple Responsible Traveler’s code and making informed choices while you’re traveling, you can make a positive difference.


Ecofriendly Geotourism

Enhance your own experience:

  • Observe, respect and appreciate local customs and traditions.
  • Know that your mere presence has an impact on the spaces visited.
  • Natural and cultural heritage is the real value of the destination.
  • Dress Respectfully – your group leader should brief meeting about clothing & culture, where appropriate.
  • Celebrate and protect the unique character of the locale by supporting the people
  • Remember: Local character can be enhanced by spending your time and money in ways that help to sustain it.
  • Celebrate and protect the unique character of the locale by supporting the people and patronizing the businesses that contribute to the preservation efforts.
  • Buy locally made good and use locally provided services patronizing the businesses that contribute to preserving the natural culture and environment.
  • Ask for suggestions about supporting local community environmental projects rather than giving money to beggars.
  • If you want to give something to schoolchildren, for instance, please buy locally and give something practical like stationary, not money or sweets.
  • Care for the environment.. Be mindful not to litter, reuse plastic packaging, and water bottles where possible, use bio degradable soap.
  • Learn a few basic words and phrases – this will go a long way toward developing communication and understanding with local people.
  • Let local people know what you find unique and interesting about the locale.
  • Gather for yourself memories and stories to take home really knowing that you have contributed to preserving and sustaining those destinations.
  • Seek advice from your tour leaders about where and when appropriate to take photos and videos.



This type of traveling is known as geotourism, defined as “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place,” (it’s environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and well-being of the inhabitants.