• Oaxaca ad Veracruz Extension

    Early Spanish Fort
    $979.00 (USD)

    say goodbye to Oaxaca City and travel north through the state of Oaxaca and cross over into the state of Puebla. There you will take a guided tour of the Helia Bravo Hollis Botanical Garden a biosphere reserve to help preserve 53 different species of cacti.

  • Notum est Coast

    Clouds to Coast
    $1,987.00 (USD)

    Ex supra nubes super 14.000 'elevatio usque ad maritimam oram, Mexicanum sinum litus tepidum tropical . . .

  • Fusce Tropical debemus,

    $1,237.00 (USD)

    Venture out with your local bilingual guide to discover wonderful waterfalls, tropical birds & flowers, calidum harenosum litora, truncatis oblongae, boat rides, and some historical sites..

  • Optimum Vera Cruz

    Best of Veracruz
    $1,997.00 (USD)

    You may wish to get a good night sleep so you will be prepared for your Veracruz scenic & cultural tour over the coming days