Cathedral in Puebla City, Mexico

Cathedral in Puebla City, Mexique

Puebla City is located southeast of Mexique City in the state of Puebla, Mexique. It is the fourth largest city in Mexico and is an industrial hub and a World Heritage Site because of its history and architectural styles. The most notable attractions are the Zocalo, a tree-filled plaza with many sculptures, surrounded by the City Hall, Casa de los Munecos and the Catherdral. Nearby is El Parian an arts and crafts market. The best known mole is named for this city, Mole Poblano. And every year on the fifth of May Puebla celebrates the defeat of the French in 1862. This holiday is also celebrated in the U.S. but is not widely observed in the rest of Mexico.

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Tijuana, Mexico Cutural Hotbed

Tijuana, Mexique un eldorado Cutural

Tijuana est situé sur le bord nord et l'ouest de la péninsule de Baja California. Il est la plus grande ville dans l'état de Baja California et d'un centre industriel et commercial. Partage d'un 15 mile frontière avec sa ville jumelle de San Diego a lui-même établi comme métropole culturelle internationale. Le Port de San Ysidro d'entrée est la station la plus achalandée de passage frontière terrestre dans le monde avec plus de 300,000 un jour.

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