Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido si trova sulla costa della Oaxaca, Messico. Si tratta di una attrazione turistica per i surfisti, le famiglie e backpackers. Oltre alle sue spiagge Puerto Escondido ha aree per la pesca e bird watching. La città si trova nel comune di San Pedro Mixtepec. Ogni novembre si tratta di una competizione di surf a Zicatela Beach che ha aumentato la consapevolezza mondo di Puerto Escondido.

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Orizaba, Mexico

Orizaba, Messico at Dusk

Orizaba is located 20 miles from Cordoba, its sister city, nel stato di Veracruz, Messico. Its name comes from the Nahuatl language meaningvalley of happy waters.One of the notable sites of the city is El Palacio de Hierro (The Iron Palace). Designed by Eiffel and built with 600 tons of steel it is now longer used as the city hall but is a tourist attraction. Other tourist attractions include the Church of La Concordia and the State Art Museum.

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El Tajin

El Tajín, Mexico

El Tajín, Messico

El Tajin is located in the municipality of Papantla, northwest of the port city Veracruz, in the state of Veracruz, Messico. El Tajin was named a World Heritage Site in 1992 because of its architecture and cultural importance. Among its ancient monuments is the famous Pyramid of the Niches, the Arroyo Group, the North and South Ballcourts and the palaces of Tajin Chico. It has been the most important archeological site and tourist attraction in Veracruz, The name El Tajin refers to thunder or a lightening bolt and the twelve gods of thunderstorm inhabit the ruins.

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