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Sun and Beach

Sun and Beach

Visions of Paradise

Mexico has some of the very best beaches in the world that can be enjoyed all year round. They can fulfill any beach lovers dream whether you desire a beautiful tranquil paradise or exuberant waves perfect for surfing. Just steps away from the beach you will find luxurious hotels and cozy, private inns. If you want fun and music you can find a lively night scene, plus golfing and extreme eco-adventures. Acapulco started it all and is now experiencing a rebirth with sexy boutique hotels, dance clubs and white-hot restaurants.

Mazatlan has the old world magic in its gracious restaurants but also offers hip art galleries and artisan shops. The most sophisticated beach destinations are Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nyarit with the luxury hotels, world class golfing and international dining scene.

As you travel to the Caribbean coast you can explore the ruins of grand Mayan cities and the jungles, catching sight of wild flamingoes and perhaps a jaguar or two. When you reach the coast, every creature comfort will greet you in the hotels, restaurants and clubs of Cancun, Cozumel and the Riviera Maya. For the surfers, check out the bays of Puerto Escondido and Huatulco. If you want to enjoy the best kept secret of sophisticated travelers, please come to Los Cabos for foodies, golfers and those who want the perfect blend of fun, sun, relaxation and elegance.



Mexican Culture

An ancient culture invites you to experience the ruins of a once great civilization. You are the archaeologist as you encounter pyramids and other old amazing artifacts of long ago. Teotihuacan is not very far from Mexico City and was once the largest city in the Western Hemisphere. At La Venta, the huge head sculptures ask you to solve the mystery of centuries.

From the colonial period of Mexico’s history you will find all the charms of the baroque world still there for you to admire. The gilded cathedrals and magnificent plazas will speak to you of another time.

These colonial cities will share their art, crafts and architectural style with and let you also enjoy Mexican cuisine, which has been chosen by UNESCO as part of the World’s Intangible Heritage. You will be able to dine on the most exciting, varied and delicious food in the world. Mexico’s internationally acclaimed cuisine combines the old world and the new world to give you memorable meals, unlike anything else in this world.


Zippy Line

Awesome Adventures!

Your memorable adventures begin in Mexico. Come and experience jungles and deserts, canyons and volcanoes. Mexico’s diverse terrain will take your breath away. You can experience it while biking or trekking. You will be camping out in national parks, where you can go rock climbing and enjoy the lakes of Zempoala.

Your excursion will allow you to explore Sonora and Durango in a biosphere reserve, tramping through the desert or taking it easy on the Copper Canyon Railway, which will transport you in comfort through their wild landscapes. On the beautiful coasts of Mexico you can go whale-watching, scuba diving and snorkeling off Baja and off our Caribbean coast you will be able to also get up close and personal with gentle whale sharks while being amazed at Mexico’s coral reef, one of the largest in the world.

We also can offer you the chance to see millions of Monarch butterflies in the forests of Michoaca and in the Yucatan thousands of pink flamingoes await you in the Celustun Biosphere Reserve. The adventure of a lifetime while enjoying comfortable accommodations and world -class cuisine awaits you.


Luxury View

Opulent Settings

You can add a little luxury to your adventure including world-renowned restaurants, resorts and spas.

Yucatán Peninsula offers you a naturally beautiful locale and the chance to enjoy five-star resorts and spas in beautifully restored old haciendas. Take the opportunity to combine old with new for a memorable time.

Cancún joins with other cities along the Caribbean’s Riviera Maya in welcoming you to their sparkling white sand beaches and like its namesake in France, amazing restaurants, shops and hotels.

Los Cabos, here is a perfect melding of two opposites to create a memorable experience. The desert meets the ocean and has seen the creation of great golf courses and luxury hotels. The region also offers its own fine wine and you will find restaurants dedicated to giving some of the finest and most sophisticated dining in North America.

Mythical Punta Mita in Nayarit is Mexico’s home for the most deluxe and private spas.

Cuernavaca, Pátzcuaro and San Miguel de Allende, while offering luxuriant accommodations and beautiful scenery, will also give you the chance to experience traditional country life in a small town.

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